the Tale

Posted by Min (Eros) (tehran, Iran) on 24 August 2016 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

يك حكايت ساده مانده بود،
ما و من
و حوصله اى كه تمامش تو بودى
حالا سال هاست
خانه از تو دور است
ترانه از تو دور است
خاطره از تو دور است
حتا من از تو دور شده ام
دل همان حوالى بودن مانده است
بگذار باران امشب هم كنار من بماند
There was only one simple tale left;
us & me
and a patience, that was all about you
Now, it’s been years
since ‘home’ is far from you
since ‘lyrics’ is far from you
‘memory’ is far from you
even ‘I’ am far from you
and only ‘heart’ is still in the vicinity of being
Tonight too, let the rain stay with me
'Navid Tavasol

© All Rights Reserved by Eros.


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